Parabolic Antenna


Developed and realized to be used in the frequency band (1.4 Ghz up to 23 Ghz)for radio link systems this reflector guarantees high directivity and high front to back ratio.

The parabolic mirror is realized by means of a new and very advanced technology capable of assuring a very accurate and precise mechanical construction.

Frequency 1.4 - 23 Ghz
RF Connerctor output:  N - PDR
Overall dimensions (W x H x D) 600 x 1200 x 1800 mm

 Each type of antenna is equipped, with a fiberglass radome, to protect the illuminator.

The radome introduces a very limited attenuation and has no influence on the front to back ratio.

The antenna is also equipped with a metal shroud.

It can be equipped with different type of illuminators for different frequency band, single and double polarization.

The range between 1.4Ghz to 23 GHz is approved by English body DTI class 3.